Of Gods and Gambits

Relax, they're just zombies.

Our belief in our skills and abilities, our sheer Arrogance, cost us something dear in Moil. One moment we were fighting the small group of undead, winning deftly one might add, when Leigas suddenly fell over. Dead. Then he stood up, but not as the Leigas we knew. Shock filled us once the battle was over, along with quite a bit of sadness, but none took it harder than Zero. One Resurrection Ritual later we were back into the Shadowfell. Sometimes, the things we do just seem really stupid. One more group of undead, a large beastie killing Shadar kai, and a barbarian eating fog bank later, we found what is likely/hopefully/maybe the temple we came to look for. I officially hate my life, heehaw. Doors that eat your equipment, tapestries that eat you, waterfalls of acid, this is not a fun place. I’m an ass, Leigas is a tiny girl, and I think Zero is going to snap soon after losing his newly aquired gouge. I can only hope we can get out moderately safely, hee haw.



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