Of Gods and Gambits

Relax, they're just zombies.

Our belief in our skills and abilities, our sheer Arrogance, cost us something dear in Moil. One moment we were fighting the small group of undead, winning deftly one might add, when Leigas suddenly fell over. Dead. Then he stood up, but not as the Leigas we knew. Shock filled us once the battle was over, along with quite a bit of sadness, but none took it harder than Zero. One Resurrection Ritual later we were back into the Shadowfell. Sometimes, the things we do just seem really stupid. One more group of undead, a large beastie killing Shadar kai, and a barbarian eating fog bank later, we found what is likely/hopefully/maybe the temple we came to look for. I officially hate my life, heehaw. Doors that eat your equipment, tapestries that eat you, waterfalls of acid, this is not a fun place. I’m an ass, Leigas is a tiny girl, and I think Zero is going to snap soon after losing his newly aquired gouge. I can only hope we can get out moderately safely, hee haw.

A few months later...

After finishing off the Ivy Heart deep in the Garden of Graves we found a room that was channeling elderich energy from the surrounding fey-wild off to somewhere… Lazar wasn’t conscious and so couldn’t tell us where it was being diverted to or for what purpose, that also meant that there was no religous Zealot to try and steal for whatever he steals energy for. I miss him. Strangely enough we met up with a drow we may have met at some point in the past, it’s been several months since I’ve seen any drow and this one has a perticular grudge against me. Did I do something to it when we first met? I don’t remember. It wouldn’t use my +3 weapon… and it seemed to let enemies get away from it often, some defender. We shut down the channeling device and stripped the room of what I can only describe as miles of fine gold wire, it seemed a little petty, but hey; when in Rome…
We collected our reward from the Eladrin; a way home! The portals to the material world are few and far between in the first place, but when the majority of the ones in the vacinity aren’t working right: we’re sent a little out of our way.
Into the material realm again, so happy to be home. The feywild was a place you’d like to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there. Our cleric is still not of sound mind after his glimpse of the far realm, when will he be back to his senses. The party and I are brought back into the far north on the far side of my country from home (that city that we live in.. you know.. that one). The season is changing, it’s getting cold in the north. We’re approaching my kingdom, if I am to be a grand leader of dwarves and men I must learn restraint. I’ve come to learn the wisdom of discretion and how to channel my fury inwardly; creating an ever more powerful explosion upon release all at once.
After months of travel honing our skills to a paragon, we encountered Orcs! I couldn’t kill a single one, but my friend Thorfin has discovered a most useful exploit. How impressive he displayed it to the orcs who were attacking the villages. They claim a great orcish leader has rallied an orc force to a thousand strong, and now threatens the lives of those nearby.
After vanquishing the orcs the party started to scrounge silver. Silver! Adventurers of our calibur scrounging mere pocket change like bottom feeders. I for one, had more pride than that. The money was obviously the posession of villagers and taking it away from them would constitute the same sentence the orcs were perscribing; death. However this act of kindness did not go unrewarded; the villages elders presented me with a powerful staff of poison, when Leigas spoke that it was the same as he wielded I could not let the villagers go unarmed in these troubled times. There is a weight of responsibility I feel to these people. I must help them.

Got out of the Pyramid

Killed Karavakos for what seems like the twenty fourth time and finally managed to free ourselves from the pyramid. On our way out we stopped by to check if that dragon had left any of its treasure behind. Nope. Still say we could have taken him. Finally free of the pyramid, we found ourselves in the fey wild. But, that’s okay. I was looking forward to visiting Belphere for his cookies, but we had business here anyway.
We ran into some Eladrin(Gloaming Court I think?) and the group agreed to help them in exchange for a way home. So, we set off towards…the Garden of Graves! I don’t see this ending well. What we find in the cave to the Garden proves that.
Statues. More. Bloody. Statues. Staring at us with hands outstretched. Just standing there. Watching us. Statues are never a good thing. So we’re staring at the statues, trying to figure out what to do and then we start talking about rituals and things that would make us stay here WITH THE STATUES for an unacceptable amount of time.
I hate statues.
Past the greedy statues was another statue with an eye and haunted camping gear that tried to kill us all. They are now little more than kindling. I may have taken a short nap. The barbarian went into a coma.
Cleric tried to take a bath in a strange basin of water and got teleported into the nearby river and went over a waterfall. I worry about him sometimes. Most times, actually.
We found a captured Eladrin girl and I could only sigh. Is nothing in my life ever real? The Lamia tried to kill us and we nearly died without our Cleric and Barbarian. Zero finally woke up.
The next room drove us mad. Everyone was attacking each other and Lazar nearly died. It was all very confusing, but we came out alive. We’re taking an extended rest and will continue on in the morning.

Zero recounts the tale of that place with the pyramid (part 2)

“…and then he goes and tells me that I owe him my life! I mean I’m grateful and all, but when that stupid cleric goes and lords it over me… makes me wanna take his fucking head off. One second we’re fighting a gorgon, the next there’s incense in the air and crazy paints on my body, A HUGE DEMON’S RIGHT NEXT TO ME, and to top it off noone will tell me what happened! AAARGH!”
“After that we cleared out another room or two and went back to our magically warded temple to check on <this>

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